Gmini 402 bootloader

I’m starting to work on an Archos Gmini 402 bootloader (link to the FAQ page – the product page seems to have been removed… It is still present on the store though).

It’s a pretty old device (released in 2005), but I find the challenge interesting. It has already been jailbroken, but the current exploit uses a malformed AVI file to execute arbitrary code. My goal is to replace the firmware with a bootloader, in order to allow to choose between MediOS and the original Archos firmware.

So I dumped the ROM, descrambled the firmware (the descrambling code can be found in MediOS). Let’s get to work now.

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  1. Hebergeur says:

    Since then GliGli has ported the applications to the Gmini 402 and 402 Camcorder. They, along with other homebrew applications including

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