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Oracle Java Unsigned Applet Applet2ClassLoader Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ZDI-11-084 explained)

Details can be found at ZDI and CVE, and Oracle : ZDI-11-084 CVE-2010-4452 Oracle This vulnerability allows an untrusted applet to gain all privileges. Untrusted applets launch without user interaction (other than visiting a web page containing the <applet> tag, … Continue reading

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Firmware Loader for Gmini 402 CC too

Thanks to migge, a member of archosfans forums, I’ve been able to create a 402 CC version of the firmware loader. However, I didn’t release it until now because I didn’t have a chance to test it. As I recently … Continue reading

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Gmini 402 firmware loader

The Gmini 402 firmware loader is an utility which allows to temporarily load any firmware on the device, without flashing it. This means that after a reboot, the original firmware will load as it would normally do. This utility loads … Continue reading

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AOS1 file format reverse engineered

I’ve successfully reverse engineered the AOS1 file format. This means I can load any firmware on the Gmini 402 (or any device which uses the format) from an update file (*.AOS). In a few weeks, I’ll release an utility allowing … Continue reading

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Placing breakpoints in the original firmware

When booting, the firmware erases IRAM and RAM. However, it’s easy to patch the code which erases IRAM. Then, by analyzing the firmware a little further, I noticed a safe location in IRAM to place my own code. By digging … Continue reading

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Gmini 402 bootloader

I’m starting to work on an Archos Gmini 402 bootloader (link to the FAQ page – the product page seems to have been removed… It is still present on the store though). It’s a pretty old device (released in 2005), … Continue reading

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